Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Current Struggle

Okay,  so is anyone else finding it impossible to get anything done with Facebook, and Pintrest keeping the distractions coming?  Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!
I cannot get anything done!  Is this the pain caused by addiction?
I don't like it, but I can't force myself to stop.
I am a writer with SEVERE writers block. There is nothing more difficult than feeling like you can't get your thoughts straight, or keep them coming long enough to have purpose.  I am frustrated.  There is plenty of time in the day, but my priorities are totally miss placed right now.  I have tried meditation, and sitting down with a notebook, then my computer, but then the temptations were too much.  I feel like such a waste of skin right now.  The new year is not going as smoothly as I thought it would.  Uh... I want to do great things, but there are just to many days when I don't push myself hard enough.  Maybe I can blame it on the winter blues.  I should get some sunshine.  I live in Arizona after all.  Anyway... wish me luck.  I am going to try again.