Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas thought on tolerance

Christmas is almost here!  I am so excited!  It is my absolutely favorite time of year.  I just love the feeling of it.  However I wish there was more tolerance in our country.  We founded this country on the right to religious freedom. Only when it comes down to it, opponents of religion feel that they have the right to force us into retreat.  I am not offended by the Menorah, because I am not Jewish.I am not offended by anyone's faith if it is what is in their heart and is important to them.  It actually makes me sad.  Not because someone does not believe in God, of course that saddens me to a point, because I know how He has impacted my life for the good, but I would not ever make someone feel less than me because we do not agree.
This is a time of year that we can show love, gratitude, compassion, and serve one another.  Why then does it bring out the worst in others?
I hope that you all have what you wish for at this holiday season, and I hope that we will work on our tolerance. Merry Christmas!