Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I love Halloween, but like all holidays, it is over much too fast, and now we are fast approaching Thanksgiving day.  I can't believe it.  I am far from my extended family this holiday season, but I am sure that it will be a good one anyway.  I have made a goal of carrying some of the holiday traditions that our families have had on to our own family now.  I am excited to make memories with our children.  My husband Tony and I have been together for such a long time and come through the other side of so many trials that we have so much to be grateful for... things that I want our children to be aware of and grateful for also.  When you survive anything that this world throws at you, there is a reason for gratitude and joy.  The only thing that makes me sad though, at this time of year, is how shopping has become the main reason for the season.  We launch ourselves into Halloween, and Christmas, but somewhere along the way, we have lost sight of the real reason that we should be celebrating.  It should be a time when we celebrate our triumphs, survivals, and small victories.  We also need to be grateful for the family, and/or friends that are in our lives.  For those who have answered our prayers and lifted our spirits.  It makes me sad that we (as a society) have started to value the greatest deal at the store.  The 50% off or more that we can get for stuff.  We are forgetting about the smiles, laughter, joys, moments of peace, and moments of kindness that happen around us everyday.  We tend to be either too tense, too stressed, too lonely, too angry, or too worried about the stuff we can buy.  Are we buying each other's affections, or are we sharing in the love that we have for each other?  I worry about that question a lot.  I want this time of year to reflect those loved ones and those moments that mean more to me than anything that could be bought at a store.  
Sorry.  I don't mean to go on, and on, but I do love these holidays and I hope that good things have happened to you all.  I hope that you have memories and moments that can be shared, remembered and will make you happy.  I hope that at this hectic time in our lives we will take the time to say thank you... for all that you have done for me. It does not have to be spectacular, magical moments, it just has to make you smile to remember.  
Please don't rush right over Thanksgiving.
Stop and smell the turkey, pumpkin pie, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, and other foods that you save for just this time of the year.  
Don't hurry on to Christmas.  
Stop for a moment and show your gratitude for those you love, and have a very
Happy Thanksgiving.