Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Heart of a Woman

A woman's heart is an ocean.
In the depths of that ocean, deep in the sand, is where we bury our treasure; that precious thing that makes us who we are.
We bury it there to protect it.
We bury it safely, deep in the sand to keep it safe, but sometimes our experiences make us lose sight of our treasure.
We wander away from that spot.
We get lost, and forgot about that treasure, until we lose sight of it all together.
We forget what it is that made us special, and unique.
We begin to face the tempests.
We get caught up in the waves.
The current drags us further and further away from who we really are.
How do you find your treasure again?
You have to search.
You have to dive deep within yourself and fight against the currents, the waves and the tempests, and then dig with all you've got.
It will never be easy, but in the end, it will be worth it.
Imagine, finally reaching your destination, getting your bearings, your treasure calling out to you like a beacon, guiding you back.
You reach your destination.
You uncover that treasure and there you are.
We all have a treasure.
That special something that makes us different form the rest.
That makes us worth knowing, and loving.
But sometimes, during the throws of a storm or when we get caught up in the current, we get lost.
Even when that happens, the treasure always remains buried safe, secure, and unmovable.
It is us that begin to wander to far, but it is never to late to make your way back.
Rediscover your treasure.

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