Saturday, November 19, 2011


I watched my daughter explore a new side of herself today.  She started to really try her hand at photography.  She started it a few months ago, but today she took pictures of one of that families we met through our church.  We went to Freestone Park and I sat drawing and writing while they went off to take some family pictures.  It was wonderful, revitalizing really. I got rid of my writers block and I drew a pretty good picture, at least the kids liked it.  I am so happy.
I am also very proud of my daughter.  She is so gifted, but more than that she has such a kind, loving and compassionate spirit, which comes across in her dealings with others.  Do you know how some kids, when they have to pose for pictures become cranky and upset when having to stay in one place for to long?  They get distracted, irritable, and bored, but these kids did not.  They were smiling, happy, and excited about what they had been doing.  One of their boys even remarked, "I'm not nervous any more."
I was so proud of her.  I listen to her explain the intricacies of how to use the camera, different techniques, effects that she can do when she edits the pictures, etc.  I am amazed.  I truly believe that God blessed her with this ability.  I come from a long line of artists.  However, each one of us is good at something, every one of us has a different medium that we can work with, but we all are creative in some way.  I believe that each one of us has a gift, sometimes buried within us.  It is not until we explore those things that make us happy or curious that we find them.  But I believe that everyone has something, some talent, some gift.  We just have to take the time to try something knew.  It is a very primary, and simple thing to say.  Something you might even say to a child, but I believe that it is the simple things in life that can bring you the most joy.
Ask yourself, what is it that is holding you back, because it is often our own fears, insecurities, busy lives that keep distracted, and keep us from finding ourselves.
Who are you?  What are you capable of?  What makes you truly happy?
I hope you will make the time to find it.

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  1. When they told me your daughter was taking their pictures I was not surprised. She is so creative and talented! And mature beyond her years! You are a lucky mom!