Saturday, June 20, 2015

My view on YouTube

Okay... so I have been trying to catch up on all the YouTube channels that my kids watch and I have to be honest.  I was a little leery about their absolute attention to some of those channels.  I have kids who range from 7 to 20.  I have to worry, it is my job, and I have to pry because I believe that is what a good parent does... I think that (at least to a point).  I don't believe in reading diaries... unless you are concerned for their safety.  I'm just putting that out there.  I was one of those kids that if my parents had known more about me they might have been able to help me... but I kept them as in the dark as much as I could.  I have learned better since then though.  I have apologized for my past often... but I never miss the opportunity to do it again, to apologize I mean.
I've been checking these people out... and love a lot of them.  However, I have to say that, I REALLY wish that people did not swear... at least less than they do... I am very impressed with a good majority of YouTubers.  My kids have good taste.  I have even found some that I myself have become hooked on.  There are some crazy talented people out there!
The one thing that I want to celebrate about YouTube is that it has given a voice to so many creative, funny, smart, beautiful, talented, and charismatic people who might have not had a chance to live their dreams any other way.  YA YOU!!  Seriously...  It has given nerds, geeks, all cultures, all races, all of us the ability to find our voice.  How exciting is that?  I know that not everyone gets to the heights that they dream of, but you have a voice and an opportunity to express yourself, share your talent, share your view, and for some of you, share your support for each other.  I have heard from a lot of the tubers that I love do segments related to support for us as a public to feel confident, follow your dreams, don't let anyone say you are not good enough, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't... whatever that is to you.  I love that.  We have bullies in the world.  We have haters and trolls in the world.  We have others who quite simply... live to shoot others down because it makes them feel better about themselves.  I hate that.  I have been bullied, and I have to say that NO ONE deserves that.  NO ONE!  It does not have to be part of growing up... like some people who have obviously never been bullied... say.  It is not okay.  It is not fair. It is not acceptable.  YouTube is giving those kids a chance to prove those people wrong... because they are!
Now, here's the rub... for as many great YouTubers out there... who really do great things, inspiring things, fun things, fascinating, and creative things... there are a lot of dopes, perverts, idiots, etc... too.  I HATE things that are vulgar, pervie, and full of swearing.  It makes me sad.  I will also say right now that I AM NOT A PRUDE!  I adore British humor that has PLENTY of language, naughty jokes... etc, and I absolutely love it!  I shouldn't, but I do.  It is just my weakness.  I cannot pass up a good British sitcom (mystery or drama either to point a fact).  But dirty jokes just for the shock value... I hate.  Language bothers me, and frankly I've used it all (in my past).  I don't like to admit that... but there it is.  Now that I have children and am getting... sigh... older... I have just found that I hate it.  It is ugly to me.  I miss manners.  I miss when people did not swear around children, just because it was not done.  We did not swear around adults, or women.  Just to be polite.  I miss that. Okay.,, and before you say anything... I DO choose not to watch them... I don't subscribe to them.  I KNOW that it is just that easy.  I am just saying that I wish it wasn't part of reality.
Anyway... that is my tangent on that.  My point is... I just wish it wasn't this way.  There is so much talent out there.  There is so much beauty out there.  Does it have to be muddied?  It's like someone once told me... it's like hiking up to a beautiful, sparkling, clear mountain stream, and you look up and someone is down stream peeing in it.  That is what I think that it is like.  There I said it.
I guess I want to say that I underestimated the importance, and power of YouTube.  It can be used as a fantastic tool for all of us to bridge the gaps and express ourselves.  I am impressed.  Bravo YouTube for giving all of us little people a chance to follow our dreams.  I am not a tuber, but our family has been considering it.  I know that what the dedicated ones do is really hard work... even if they make it look easy, but they are impressive and they devote their lives to what they do.  I wish them luck and so much success.  I just ask that you think about how you are using social media... are you doing good with it, or are you just putting out crap?  I'm just saying...
Anyway... bravo to those of you who are having fun, expressing yourselves, making a living for your families, doing amazing things, and just being awesome!  I cannot wait to look up more of you.  Good luck and I wish you success. 

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