Friday, October 28, 2011


"Home is the one place in all this world where hearts are sure of each other.  It is the place of confidence.  It is a place where we tear off the mask of guarded and suspicious coldness which the world forces us to wear in self-defense, and where we pour out the unreserved communications of full and confiding hearts.  It is the spot where expressions of tenderness gush out without any sensation of awkwardness and without any dread of ridicule."

Fredrick W. Robertson

Is our home like this?  Is it a sanctuary from the world for ourselves, and our families?  What is wrong in your life, attitude or actions that keep your home from being that place where you can be safe, where you can find peace, where you can be yourself.
I had to change a lot of things about my life to get to that point, and being good is not easy, and it can sometimes be lonely, but I promise you that it is worth it.  I am finding happiness that I never knew that I could.  It takes making those hard choices though to find that happiness. However, I have found more freedom from the binding lifestyle that pleased every false friend, but not me.  I had to remove those negative influences from my life, but I do not regret it.
What can you do today that will help you find your happiness?  It is a personal decision, and it is not easy to admit those things that we do that might not be the best thing for us.  It is up to you to figure out what that means.  I did it though, and it took me a long time, but I really, truly don't regret it.

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