Sunday, October 9, 2011

Modesty and Self-Esteem

Just another note about how we treat ourselves.  If you are lonely or attracting the wrong sort of people in your life. (especially men) Consider this saying,  "Being immodest is like covering yourself in mud, the only thing you will attract is pigs."
Being modest is not lame or limiting.  I have ridden on both sides of the tracks.  I looked for all the wrong attention, because it felt better than being ignored.  It felt good to feel pretty, until I had to deal with the pigs, the ones who did not want me around for anything in my mind or heart.  When I started to take care of myself, dress in a way that made me feel pretty and like I had more to me than just body parts, I found myself and people around me treating me like I was a real, and worth while person.  It goes back to taking care of ourselves.  You don't have to do anything for anyone, if it makes you feel like all you are is a piece of meat.
We as women, make the world go round, but how often do we give ourselves credit for that, or believe that we can make a difference. We are daughters of a supreme being who loves us, believes in us, and knows our great potential.  How would you feel if really understood how He sees us.  How would we grieve for the lost little girl and the woman we could have been . We are the only ones who limit ourselves.  How you treat yourself will determine the kind of life you have.  The choices we make, ALWAYS have consequences.  Not all of them are for our benefit.  If you decide today that you want better for yourself, you only have to take a step. on that path.  We decide our fate, by deciding that we are worth fighting for.  We all have things in our lives that we cannot control, like the actions of others, but what we can control, but we can control the choices we make.  That is where we can change our lives for the better.
One man can make a difference, but a woman can change the world.

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